Can someone please explain to me the difference between the Rain Bird SP40 sprinklers that already have a nozzle, and the 1800 series, which is spray only with the same nozzle type. Why would I use one over the other?


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    These seem like very specific models. Could you provide resources for reference, like images or web links?
    – dakab
    Mar 13, 2017 at 23:52

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http://store.rainbird.com/contacts I've already asked your question but thought I would give you this link to contact them yourself. Be lots faster and you could give them details they need to be able to help.

  • Hi stormy! Do you mean you already asked the company the question? If so, might you want to add something they told you to this answer? That would be a way to help everyone. I get why it makes sense for the OP to call, but then this becomes more of a comment, and maybe should be posted that way instead of an answer. Thanks! Mar 14, 2017 at 23:15
  • No, they have NOT contacted me. I thought it would be better if the OP called them as he has ALL the information I do not. Arghhhh, comment or answer?? Keep letting me know what I should have done, I'll get this straight one of these days...
    – stormy
    Mar 14, 2017 at 23:56

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