I purchased this euphorbia a few days ago and would very much appreciate an ID on it. It is in a 6" pot

here is a close-up for more detail Close-up http://selva.cabal.mx/Pic.jpg

From the top Close-up http://selva.cabal.mx/Pic2.jpg

It does exude sap when pricked Close-up http://selva.cabal.mx/Pic3.jpg

  • Any idea which euphorbia it might be? Commented Nov 30, 2016 at 14:19
  • Not off hand. I'd have to look at some literature but I'm out of town. I think someone will nail the ID on this shortly.
    – Brenn
    Commented Nov 30, 2016 at 14:21
  • Hard to see detail - are the spines reddish in colour, especially towards the top? Is there a small tuft of spines at the top of each column?
    – Bamboo
    Commented Nov 30, 2016 at 15:36
  • I guess that I can't add a photo with comments Commented Nov 30, 2016 at 16:53
  • And that sap does look exactly like Euphorbia sap - don't get it on your skin!
    – Bamboo
    Commented Nov 30, 2016 at 20:33

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Well I'm torn between Cereus validus and Euphorbia virosa, but because of the white 'knotting' up the ridges on the stems, and its less than perfectly straight cylindrical growth, I'll go with Euphorbia virosa http://www.learn2grow.com/plants/euphorbia-virosa. This plant sometimes spirals as it grows, but more often doesn't - be aware though that it has very caustic sap.


Oh good, someone else (on another site) has suggested Euphorbia polycantha, and now I've seen it, I concur completely, looks almost exactly like yours - whoever ID'd it should get votes!

  • I was leaning towrds E. Pentagona, but your id of E. Virosa fits the bill better. Thank you Commented Nov 30, 2016 at 18:52
  • Can you scratch or prick the plant lightly to see whether it exudes the telltale sap of all Euphorbias?
    – Brenn
    Commented Nov 30, 2016 at 19:22
  • I added a Photo of the plant taken from the top as well as the results of pricking it. It does exude a sap as you can see from the photo. Commented Nov 30, 2016 at 21:55
  • Someon on Walter Reeves suggested e. polyacantha as an id. What do you think? Commented Dec 1, 2016 at 16:11

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