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Can someone please tell me the name of this flower? I know that it's a little hard to see the flower in this photo my apologies :(

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All the flowers in the picture appear to be varieties of Rose - if you specifically mean the white tinged pink one in the centre, I don't know which variety it is, there are zillions of different roses available, and this isn't one I recognise. The closest I can find that's similar is Rosa Penelope, image can be seen here.

For a more accurate ID, things like foliage, thorns (or not), scent, hips, height and spread and growth habit are necessary to know.

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    – stormy
    Oct 24, 2016 at 21:01
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    @stormy oooh, no, no, no, I hate 'shoulds and oughts'... I feel differently about these things, it goes like this:: question - answer (good bad or indifferent answer) - response or otherwise is now down to the asker, I've discharged my chosen duty, job done, end of story, no acknowledgement necessary, the box is ticked so to speak and I move on. Can be nice if you get a response, but not necessary, itsabout clear accurate information, or facilitating accurate information dispersal, that's why I do it, subsequent votes and thanks are inesssential. I'm not always entirely accurate, but I try...
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