This plant is a few months old. I'm in zone 10A. Although the vines continue to spread, it has always looked sickly like this with curled up leaves.

enter image description here

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If this is not a vertical picture, which I don't think it is, allow the melons to grow up a trellis. This is will help in the natural growth of your melons. Then make sure to water your melons on a regular basis, providing the soil enough water to stay moist. You don't want to overwater the melon but your vines look rather dry. So I would recommend you increase your water.

I'm not sure how far apart you grew your melons but typical space between melons should be about 36-42 inches apart.


Looks like it needs water. I noticed that the soil is quite dry as well. I would try to give it more water especially if the temperatures right now are higher than normal

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