I recently got this Bougainvillea from a vivarium but I've noticed there are some brown stains in its leaves, just on the bottom of the plant. Do you know what these are, and how I should treat it?

For reference, it's in the garden, under a roof, with enough sunlight but not direct. For now, I have it isolated from the other plants, just in case.

Also, the bracts that cover the flowers are somewhat wrinkled, is that okay? (pictures attached).

Leaves stained, at the bottom of the plant

the wrinkled bracts, around the flowers

  • Yes you would need more sunlight but that is not the problem. I have the same issue. I live in FL...we get plenty of sun and live in a tropical climate which they thrive on. They are not over or under-watered either. I keep them fertilized as well on a regular basis....this has to somehow be related to a disease or fungus....but how to fix this is the question. A standard anti-fungal is not working either.
    – Denise
    Jul 29, 2021 at 20:40

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Those brown areas look like regions of leaf necrosis so there has been some stress to the plant which could be watering, warmth, light etc.


Bougainvilleas should receive plenty of direct sunlight daily, according to my experience. They thrive in the scorching sun here in Singapore (8hrs at temp >34C) and bloom profusely after 2 weeks of no rain.

I would guess that insufficient light as the top reason in addition to Graham Chiu's response.

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