I found some seeds when running outside: enter image description here

I planted one for curiosity and it has 4 leaves now: enter image description here

Any idea what it is?

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That's a castor bean, Ricinus communis. Seeds. If you have winter, they'll grow 10-14' (3-3.5 meters) in a year, with nice ball shaped flowers/seed pods. In regions without winter, they can grow to become sizeable shrubs, with roots that can damage foundations. The entire plant, but particularly the seeds, are poisonous, containing ricin, the toxin used in the famous 1978 umbrella assassination of Georgi Markov in London.

They're often used as a background plant in temperate zone gardens.

  • wow! thanks a lot, no way I'm gonna keep it as an office plant
    – MoonBun
    Commented Jul 31, 2016 at 15:34

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