OK, I planted out my Broccoli earlier this year without realising that the birds love to snack on the leaves. They skeletonized the leaves, leaving only the veins on some of the larger leaves.

I've since put a rudimentary cloche over them which allowed some new growth to appear, though not much. Will they be able to recover, or is there something I can do to promote their return to health?

I have managed to crop a few small florets (no more than a good handful), and they tasted amazing, so I'm quite keen to get at least another decent harvest off of them.

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    Are you sure you don't have the white butterfly around? I'd check carefully for eggs as they can hatch under your cloche. Commented Jul 28, 2016 at 0:28

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Skeletonized leaves are more likely to be caused by slugs and snails or other pests rather than birds - birds tend to go for the florets or flowering heads rather than leaves.

Cropping from sprouting broccoli is usually over a 4-6 week period, so it may be their time is up, but you could try giving them liquid fertiliser to see if that gives them a boost. More information on general growing of broccoli in the link below, including a timetable for sowing and cropping. It's not quite yet too late to grow more if you want to


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