Dark green Spatulate entire leaves, 5 petals light pink and darkening to deep pink at the edges. The petals fan outward.

My cousin bought the bulb and had no idea what it would look like until it flowered. She still has no idea. It's a beautiful flower. The leaves look hardy. I'd like to know the name, variety and origin.

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It's Adenium obesum, common name Desert Rose, image below


It's a tropical plant classed as a succulent; it prefers temperatures in the range of 75-95 deg F. Flowers best in good light, doesn't do well in shady conditions, needs regular watering during the growing/flowering season, but should never be allowed to get too wet or waterlogged. More care info below


Native to south Sahara, parts of Africa and Arabia, but grown in many places round the world as houseplants.

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