A friend spotted the flower in Monument, Colorado while walking near Monument Rock. I've never seen anything like it. A Google reverse image search was unsuccessful.

enter image description here


It looks like one of the Gaillardias or blanket flowers, specifically Gaillardia commotion moxie, or something very similar - flower's a bit weedy looking, and it seems short on foliage, but that's not surprising, given where its growing, especially given its likely a garden escapee and may have been self set rather than actually planted there


  • Great sleuthing, @Bamboo! After seeing the image and your description ("short on foilage"), I zoomed waaaay in and can see that the petals are like little trumpets. When both pictures are viewed side-by-side, they look like twins (albeit, the pix in this post is a starving twin). 8)
    – RJo
    Jun 27 '16 at 0:13

This was an obvious Sunflower type. I checked and found SNEEZEWEED. Not the same coloring but I was unable to spend anymore time (hubby is yelling at me...grins). Check out Helenium autumnale. Dying to know what this is...

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