I'd love help identifying this plant that I spotted in Amman, Jordan. It is about 3 feet tall, and nearly as wide. It seemed to be quite hardy, as it was growing in a break in the sidewalk. It has fuchsia colored flowers, about 1/2" across, with long stamens. The leaves are about 2 - 2 1/2" long. The two photos below are the only ones I have, but hopefully show enough of the flowers and leaves for an identification.

enter image description here

enter image description here

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    Michelle...I am getting a nose-bleed with this one. From Malvaceae to Dianthus! Is this a sub shrub or a perennial? Dianthus is the closest I've gotten. I am dying to hear this plant's ID!!
    – stormy
    Jun 23, 2016 at 22:56
  • I really wasn't sure which it was, stormy. I think bamboo got the identification right, and the description on one of the links provided calls it a "bushy perennial." That seems about right!
    – michelle
    Jun 24, 2016 at 2:40

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I think it might be Mirabilis, possibly Mirabilis jalapa, common name four o'clock plant because it tends to open its flowers in the afternoon. Some are annuals, others are tuberous rooted, but in cooler regions like the UK, they're usually grown as annuals


and Wiki entry here


There are other Mirabilis varieties - M.longiflora, M.multiflora and M. laevis

  • Wow...Bamboo, what do you use for a key? I know I've asked this before...did you get one of those applications that you have to pay for? Grins! Mirabilis wasn't even mentioned anywhere ...good job sweetie!
    – stormy
    Jun 25, 2016 at 19:27
  • @stormy with this plant,. I recognised it immediately, it happens to be one I know, but with others, I just use Google images, having put in a description of key features, so nothing special at all. I also have a very good memory, tho at my age, who knows how long that'll last!
    – Bamboo
    Jun 25, 2016 at 22:19
  • Grins...you just keep on being our FOUNDATION, your brain will last forever! How about writing a few books, sweetheart? Why waste all your knowledge and experience. For real!! Look at what you do! Almost 50k. My goodness. Go start a few books. Have you read Jorge Cervantes The Cannabis Encyclopedia??? One plant, a whole encyclopedia and vastly good information, methodology without having to think about thousands of plants. I was amazed and think this is a super plant book. Think about what you could do?! Hey, has Joe Udwin contacted you?
    – stormy
    Jun 25, 2016 at 22:36
  • No! Who's Joe Udwin? To be honest, I'm having trouble functioning at all, never mind considering what you've said, I'm so depressed at what's going on here in the uk,i feel like someone's died with our referendum result.... I'd emigrate it I could!
    – Bamboo
    Jun 25, 2016 at 22:46

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