I got some walking onion from someone at the community garden, and was wondering if I should take anything into consideration when planting them. There was a little bit of damage to them, and one stem was all present except for a tiny bit holding it together, what should I do?


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I just transplant them as is and that usually works. Since they will grow from even a small bit of root, and most of the leave removed for cooking, they seem to be pretty resilient. Some people find that they grow better when planted as a bunch rather than by themselves.

If they get into their second year, I let them flower and keep the seeds to plant from seed.


Shorten their roots and cut from the top about one third from each leaf, then plant them 2-3 cm (1 inch) deeper than they were originally planted. It's best to separate them in March or in September-October keeping a portion of the disc for each fragment separated.

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