I have a budding avocado tree* that is infested with these weird spiderweb-like things all over. I can not see an actual animal that is causing this.

I've treated it with soap water and alcohol and it feels like it's getting better, but I'm not sure.

What is this infestation, and do I need to do anything else to treat it?

* = at least I think it is an avocado tree. I've been told it could be a mango. I can't tell from the fruit yet. :)

enter image description here

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    carefully open up the casing inside the webbing. Anything inside? Probably an insect or spider nursery. – kevinskio Jun 3 '16 at 11:47

If you see webbing, but no insects, it's likely spider mites, and you need a hand lens or very good vision. Check all the "threads " on spider mites here.

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