This orchid has been with me for one week. I don't know if she's ok, she has little points on her flowers and her stalk isn't brown at all. I watered the plant the same day I bought her and yesterday. She's in a garden with a ceiling but the sun enters in the sides.

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enter image description here enter image description here

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    I'm not clear where the problem is. Has the color of the blossoms changed from when you brought it home?
    – michelle
    May 14 '16 at 20:57
  • @michelle yes, it was all white and violet. It doesn't have the brown/yellow pigments in the petal May 14 '16 at 23:33
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    What season is it, and did you get direct sunlight on it? And was it raised indoor but you put it outside? Just wondering if it got burnt. May 14 '16 at 23:53