I have birdhouse gourd vines growing up my fence. I started with a river cane trellis pushed into the soil in the tubs the gourds are growing in. This initial trellis can not support the new growth. I don't want to use any more river cane. What is the best way to trellis my gourds to the left and right along the fence without using nails?

Birdhouse gourd vine and original river cane trellis

  • You can tie it to the fence with twine, or rope. May 14 '16 at 16:45

Trellis netting.

trellis net on fence

Picture is from Gardener's Edge (not affiliated, might have bought something from them once, I don't recall for certain) and could practically be your fence. The 6" string mesh can be hooked between the boards on top to hold it.

Beware of tangles. I thought this stuff was a much better idea before I got some and had to detangle it after the first use and storing away for the winter. It can get into fiendish knots.

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