If I harvest bell pepper, will it grow back? (I control the temperature 25 C* in my small greenhouse)

If yes, I pick bell pepper fruit only or it needs pruning also after harvesting? how to do it correctly?


Will the pepper grow back? Not exactly. However, after you harvest the pepper the plant likely will produce more flowers, which can be pollinated and grow into more peppers.


No, it will not grow back. The pepper is the result of a pollinated flower, as is a peach, an apple, a tomato, etc. However, save some of the seeds inside the pepper and you can plant them to have a new plant that will flower and will produce more bell peppers once they are pollinated by your local flying insect helper (e.g., a bee).

Since you have a greenhouse, you could plant plant those seeds directly. Without a greenhouse you would need to dry the seeds to hold them over until next spring. Some will lose viability over time, but most should remain dormant but viable as long as they are kept dry and will sprout in a few days after being dampened.

  • Aren't peppers self pollinating? so how long will it take to flower again after picking the peppers?
    – Mehdi
    Mar 16 '20 at 11:11

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