I use Nemaslug nematodes to control slugs in my garden. I don't normally bother fertilising my lawn but this year its looking a bit sorry for itself so I want to try out some slow release (6 month) fertiliser.

Will this kill off the nematodes and leave me overrun with slugs?

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From this site

Because of its high nitrogen content, fertilizer can reduce nematode effectiveness. Manufacturers recommend that fertilizers not be used two weeks prior to and after nematode application. Again, check the package instructions.

That being said your mileage may vary depending on soil type, soil temperature and type of fertilizer. A slow release is definitely the kind to apply. You could probably achieve similar results by top dressing with organic matter twice a year.


I received an email from BASF who manufacture nemaslug. It is inline with kevinsky's answer but specifically addresses slow release fertiliser so I thought I would share it.

A slow release fertiliser should not affect Nemaslug. It is advisable to wait at least one month after the application of a non-slow release fertiliser, as a high concentration of standard fertilisers can be detrimental to nematodes.

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