I planted some beetroot from store bought seedlings in November, and they're fine. But this chap grew up with them, and I don't remember if it came with the others, or just grew from where ever.

I just don't know what it is. Doesn't look like a turnip to me. And the leaves looked like a kind of spinach which is why I left it so long in the ground occupying valuable real estate.

guest vegetable

And a single leaf against a dibber with 2.5 cm markings

mystery vegetable


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I think what you have here is a slightly misshapen Sugar Beet. Both Beetroot and Sugar Beets are Beta vulgaris, they're just different cultivars. The seeds are identical so telling them apart at planting would be impossible, and they cross-pollinate freely so it's no big surprise a sugar beet seed could have slipped into the mix.


I think it is really a beetroot (Beta vugaris). Just there are many different sorts. This seems something in direction of Swiss chard.

Probably the seeds got mixed.

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