About two months ago I bought an Alocasia black velvet for on my desk. My office has a large window and the plant stand at a distance of around 3 meters from the window, so not in direct sunlight. I water it twice a week, letting surplus water drain from the bottom. Recently the plant's leaves are showing brown spots, shown in the picture. I've tried watering the plant less but then the leaves tend to hang a lot lower.

Can anybody tell me what I'm doing wrong?

enter image description here

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    You've got little white flecks over the leaf. Not sure it's relevant to the necrotic area. Can you take pictures of the underside looking for insects, and use a macro lens? – Graham Chiu Apr 16 '16 at 4:57

When Alocasia Plants are over- watered or when the leaves get wet, they develop a variety of diseases such as Crown, Stem, and Root Rot, Leaf Spot, and Xanthamonas. These diseases usually appear as dark brown or black spots on the Alocasia leaves, surrounded by a yellowish rim.


Too much water. Always allow the top 2"- 3" of the soil of an Alocasia Plant to dry out before watering, and try to keep the soil evenly moist. Over-watering, wet leaves, and soggy soil makes an Alocasia plant susceptible to a variety of serious fungal infections. Check the soil frequently until you are sure of the plant's watering needs. Water an Alocasia Plant less during the winter when it is dormant. Black Velvet alocasia should be given bright conditions but not direct sun.

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