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Should I be concerned about mushrooms in my lawn?

Every time I mow my lawn, I find a few of these bulbs of fungus.

enter image description here

Sometimes they are brown like in the picture I took and sometimes they are more white and smooth looking. I usually just scoop them up and throw them away. When I manipulate them they generally throw a bunch of "dust" around which I assume are spoors that are spreading them potentially. They are always on one side of the house which I'm guessing has some decaying matter in it due to a neighbor's pear tree. Other than getting rid of the pears when I see them, is there anything I can do to stop these things from growing? Are they particularly dangerous to the lawn? Are they going to keep spreading? And what the heck are they anyways?

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    Those "bulbs of fungus" are mushrooms and this has been answered in Should I be concerned about mushrooms in my lawn?. This will be closed as a duplicate of that. Oct 9 '11 at 17:34
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    Thanks @yoda. I read through that question and wasn't sure if these things were a different beast than regular mushrooms. If the answers from that other question are appropriate than please mark as a duplicate. Oct 9 '11 at 17:55

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