I have a gravel driveway in my front yard that I want to remove to put a garden bed. The gravel is large (1/2" to 1" dia.) and very compacted, so it is nearly impossible to remove by hand.

I want to rent some small power equipment to do the task, but I'm not sure if a skid loader, excavator, or something else is the right tool for the job. Opinions?

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Last time I rented a bobcat to dig out a compacted clay bank even with a toothed bucket it could not break up the clay. Compacted gravel could be equally hard.

I recommend hiring a backhoe which has a hydraulic bucket on the back. Bonus is that the person/company owning the backhoe usually has a dump truck to pull a trailer. You can get them to break and load the gravel into the truck in one operation.

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