Our office Dracaena Fragrans (called Wilson) is not healthy looking. The stalk of the plant is beige, woody and completely dried out. Once it was cut (before my time) a new stalk developed. This is also turning beige at the bottom.

Is there a way of transplanting the healthy portion and growing roots on the appendage of the original dead woody stalk? (perhaps something like a Dieffenbachia plant, which you can graft to grow new roots)

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Yes, in good light the Mass Cane, or Dracaena massangea as it is also called propagates readily without grafting.

If the stem has died you take a sharp knife or sequiteur and cut off the healthy portion. All of the methods below have worked for me:

  • if the stem is over six inches you can plunge it into a soil less mix and provide light and water
  • stems also root readily in water in a jar. When the roots are three inches long or so move to a soil less mix
  • placing the stem in a rooting medium such as moist perlite or vermiculite and moving to a soil less mix

Rooting in water in bright diffuse light is very practical and foolproof as long as the cutting is in good shape.

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