I have mint, tarragon, sweet basil etc. Beside is another plot for different kinds of roses and daises. Then the roses started to lose leaves or have bites on the leaves. Do the herbs attract insects that cause this?

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    No. Insects don't distinguish between herbs, veggies and ornamental plants. They choose between "tasty" and "bleech".
    – Stephie
    Dec 16 '15 at 9:37

If anything, I have heard arguments (likely anecdotal) that plants like Tarragon and Basil actually repel some insects, possibly at a range of a few feet. Roses on the other hand, tend to be victimized by a wide range of insects and diseases regardless of what they are planted near. They are not exactly a low maintenance plant. I would suggest searching through our questions on . If nothing there looks like what you're seeing on your roses post a question about it with a picture.

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