One of my pepper plants has so far suffered from pests, blossom end rot and odd skin blemishes and unfortunately the plant is now taking a turn for the worse and looking rather unhealthy.

The leaves are drying out and curling along some edges, and they aren't very green (yellowing?).

The unhealthy plant:

You can see the largest dry patch in the first image - the front of a leaf, while the second is the back of a leaf to demonstrate the loss of colour - compare it to the shots below.
Unhealthy plant: front of leaf showing dry curling edge Unhealthy plant: back of leaf showing curling edge and weak colour

Another healthier plant (for comparison):

This plant sat next to the unhealthy one, about a foot away on the same window sill, so conditions should be very similar. Images are again front then back of two leaves.
Health plant: front of leaf. For comparison Health plant: back of leaf. For comparison

A few other points that may be relevant

  • This is an indoor potted plant, it hasn't been moved in months.
  • Fruit has been produced and harvested (although the first few with blossom end rot, as mentioned).
  • It's watered with the same regularity as its peers.
  • Water isn't being absorbed as much as with its peers - more ends up in the tray underneath, forcing me to give it less water to avoid overflowing.
    This is unrelated to the issue raised in another question of mine - that was a different plant.

What could be wrong with the unhealthy plant?
What can I do to help it?


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It looks like your plant is pot bound (also known as root bound). The solution here is to purchase a bigger pot or transplant it into the garden. Based on the time of year and the fact that its an indoor pot I'd say that a larger pot would probably be the best solution.

Mike posted some links to repotting that you can use to guide your repotting process.

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