We want to get rid of a flame vine. It's been cut to the ground every few years, but always comes back with a vengeance. How do we kill it or get rid of it forever? Thank you.

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Flame Vine or Pyrostegia venusta is sold as a dazzling addition to the Florida landscape at the same as it is described as invasive. It does not set seed but spreads by roots that can be as long as 20 m (~60 feet). Sustained temperatures below 2 deg C kill top growth but it resprouts from roots.

Control is accomplished by:

  • physical removal of all top growth
  • from here

Garlon 4 (triclopyr, 10% product)mixed with Veg Oil (90%) was successful in controlling flame vine. No resprouts (n= 25) were recorded for stems cut and treated at the node with 10% Garlon 4.Vines growing vertically above the cut were not treated and died. However,resprouts were observed on untreated nodes > 0.75 m from the treated node attached to the same root, indicating that herbicide translocation may not occur from node to node. Thus, every node, possibly thousands per hectare, must be treated for complete control.

  • followup treatments with Roundup of the resprouts is necessary

Keep in mind that I do not know the regulations for applying pesticides where you live and you will probably need a licensed pesticide applicator to use Garlon (triclopyr).


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