Can somebody help me identify this plant? It looks kind of like a salvia plant.

enter image description here

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It's one of the Veronicas, commonly known as Speedwell - I think its Veronica 'Royal Candles'. Picture in the link below, sorry its Amazon but it was the best one I could find...



Speedwell as it is commonly called can be found in almost any nursery around this time of the year in the united states. Depending on your zone it may not be offered or may be considered an Annual.

Its similar appearance to slavia makes it hard to differentiate for those who have never seen the plant before. The largest difference occurs in the family branch Salvia belonging to the Lamiaceae and the Speedwell belonging to the Plantaginaceae.

Being of the mint family the Salvia has a very fragrant nature. So now you know: if you're ever questioning yourself give it a sniff. The Speedwell will not have much of a fragrance, but the Salvia will!


It is Veronica spicata.



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