When you manipulate weed and stuff you can easily get hurt by thorns. Is there a type of garden gloves to avoid and a type to favor for reliable protection?


If you can handle some loss of dexterity, leather welding gloves are surprisingly affordable for a long, heavy glove. The problem with "good dexterity" (thinner, tight) gloves is that serious thorns go through them (through they will protect against some of the smaller ones.)

For a lot of the nastier stuff I cut into small-ish parts with long handled pruners, and use the pruners as tweezers, rather than trying to handle it at all directly.


They make special gardening gloves for gardeners that are marketed as "rose gloves". They have a long cuff to protect your forearms and are puncture resistant. Never used any but noticed some had good reviews when I was recently looking for other gloves.

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