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I have a houseplant that was given to me. It was mostly dead when I first got it but it has a tree-like branch that the foliage grows from with red and green leaves, red underneath, and white speckles on the top of them. It looked like a stick with nothing on it when I got it, now it has 9 big red and green leaves on it. I have no clue what kind of plant this is. I've been caring for it for months and I would really like to know!

I was told it was a bonsai but I don't have much knowledge of bonsais.


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The asymmetrical leaves, the pattern and the slightly "wing" shape clearly indicate a begonia (not a bonsai!). This is a rather large group of plants, some cultivars bred for their flowers, others for their variegated leaves.

Your specimen could be a begonia corallina hybrid, but a small one. Identification of begonias is often difficult because an almost innumerable amount of hybrids exist. By your pictures I can at least say that it's a cane-type begonia. You may find the website of the American Begonia Society on cane begonias helpful for further research.


it is an Angel wing begonia that has pink heart shaped cluster flowers --


Yes, that is an angel wing begonia. I got a start ( one stem with three leaves ) from a friend who was 102 years old. And seven years later, I have three pots full! Some of mine are three feet tall, and they get beautiful little clumps of heart shaped flowers. This is a strong plant that will last for years. I hope yours grows as well as mine has!

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