We have a drainage / flooding problem where lots of water passes through our garden, from the higher house on our right to the lower house on our left.

I want to put in a raised garden, which has a "base", "under-bed" that allows the water to pass through it, or even to stay in it, but with a good soil layer on top of it, in which the plants grow.

What material should I use? Clay Pebbles? Straw? Mulch? What can be cheap and workable? Is this even a good idea?

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  • Dig some trenches at about one foot (~30 CM spacing) parallel to each other from the higher point to a lower point.
  • The trenches should be about six inches (~15 CM wide)
  • line the trenches with landscape fabric or geotextile
  • add four inch drain pipe, perforated with a sleeve
  • fill with crushed gravel, 5/8 inch or 7/8 inch diameter, without any fine crushed material
  • top with another layer of landscape fabric to bring it level to the surface
  • build your raised bed on top. For surface vegetables you will need at least one foot (~30 CM ) of soil, better to have two feet if you want to grow root vegetables
  • if you have serious water volumes flowing through then where the four inch drain pipe terminates add a french drain which is described here
  • drain pipe is available at most hardware and home building centres

drain pipe with sleeve

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