I need help identifying a strange fruit I discovered while camping. Its characteristics are:

  • Roughly pear-shaped
  • Bright green
  • Dark green "spikes" on fruit
  • Grown on a vine
  • Large seeds (≈1 in)
  • Fruit is ≈4 in
  • found on cliff face in the San Juans in Washington in the United States
  • Hi and welcome to the site. Photos are always advised for identification questions. You'll get better answers, too, with photos. Can you add one? May 16 '15 at 12:31

Sounds like something in the cucumber family. There are only two species in Washington State in that family that have green, spiny fruit: wild cucumber (Echinocystis lobata) and coastal manroot (Marah oreganus). The Marah has larger fruit, so I reckon it is probably that, but that species is extremely rare in British Columbia, so I wonder if it is also rare in adjacent coastal areas of Washington. If you have pictures of the fruit, leaves, or flowers, that would help.


enter image description here [source: oregonflora.org]

enter image description here [source: oregonflora.org]

enter image description here [source: science.halleyhosting.com]


enter image description here [source: biolib.cz]

enter image description here [source: flora.nhm-wien.ac.at


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