I saw this flower while walking outside and would be really interested in growing it in my garden. Can anyone tell me what it's called?

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It's a Genista - as to which, that's the difficulty, deciding which one it is. Could be a Genista tricuspidata cultivar, Genista 'Porlock' or Genista tinctoria 'flore pleno' - there's a host of cultivars for this plant. Different varieties vary in height and spread between 0.5 metres up to 8 metres high and wide (genista aetnensis), though the most popular are the smaller cultivars - there are some with orange or reddish yellow flowers. All flower in spring, with maybe a few flowers in autumn if you're lucky, and all prefer light, not too fertile soil that's free draining, and full sun.

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  • They flower in spring if rabbits have not eaten them...sigh, what a hard winter will do.. – kevinsky Apr 29 '15 at 16:45

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