I have a stone patio outside my back door, built with (approx.) 12"x12" pavers. Each spring, moss grows up through the cracks between the bricks. I have scraped it off and dug it out as best I could each time, but it grows back every year, sometimes even before the summer is over.

Is there a way to prevent this from growing back?

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  • Thanks Sue! Just thought of posting this question here this morning (I typically use Graphic Design Stack). I was going to take a picture this weekend and post it. :) I'll check out the link you provided too!
    – DLev
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Not really, but you can use a product specifically designed for use on hard surfaces such as Patio Magic, which does have some residual deterrent effect. Use as instructed on the container. I imagine your paving is in a fairly shady area, which encourages moss and the like, particularly through winter when the air is damp. You'll likely have to use the product at least once a year.

Some people, though, allow the moss to remain, and even try to encourage its growth, considering it attractive.

  • Thanks Bamboo. It is in fact in a more shady area for most of the day/year. I'll check into the product you mentioned.
    – DLev
    Commented Apr 10, 2015 at 16:11

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