Damaged Peace Lily: shall I cut leave encircled in red?

What about the yellow-brown on the back right of the encircled one?

This occurred after the plant had not been watered for too long. But others already had brown elongated spots on the edge of the leave. Is this a sign of something wrong?

enter image description here

Thanks in advance.


If the elongated spots on the edge of the leaves are blackish brown, its probably a result of not being watered - these plants do seem to require a fair amount of watering. You can cut off any badly affected leaves with impunity. I can't see any evidence of anything else currently on the plant, and they are prone to producing blackened areas on the edges of leaves if they're near a heat source or the air is very dry, or they've got a bit dry at the root. Misting regularly helps if the air is dry.

As for the stem in 2, ignore it - nothing's perfect, and the plant will sort that out itself, either by growing upwards normally, or dying back, at which point you can trim it off. You refer to yellowing parts - ignore those too, unless they completely die back, when you can cut them off.

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