There's been another question asked about trees for shading a house, but I have some different criteria (plus a different climate).

I'm planning on landscaping an area that's next to my house that's currently a cement patio. This patio, which is on the west side of the house, results in the house warming up quite a bit in late summer when the afternoon sun hits. So, my primary goal in landscaping is to add a few features that will minimize the heat in the summer.

I'm looking to plant one to three smaller trees, and am looking for suggestions. Here's the criteria I'd like to match:

  • Deciduous tree
  • Height between 10 and 30 feet maximum
  • Spread between 10 and 20 feet in diameter
  • Provides at least some shade (e.g. not like that ginkgo tree I have in front)
  • Roots aren't too aggressive (won't rob nearby plants of water or attack pipes)
  • Does well in US pacific NW climate

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Below are some small trees that meet your specific criteria:

The above list of small trees comes from, Recommended - Small Tree List, via Seattle Department of Transportation - Street Tree Planting Procedures.

Direct link to PDF: Small Tree List

You may also wish to try the below options for further small tree recommendations that meet your specific criteria and some useful tree related information to aid you make the right decisions:

  • Wow! I am definitely going to have to bookmark your answer. This is going to be a source of resources for some time to come.
    – rsgoheen
    Aug 13, 2011 at 14:56

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