I saw this flower at the Cecil B. Day Butterfly Center in Callaway Gardens. Please help me identify it.

flower enter image description here


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This plant is Calliandra haematocephala or the Pink Powderpuff. This plant is considered to be a broadleaf evergreen in USDA zone 9 to 11 and grows up to 6 feet ( 2 m tall).

From here

Native to Borneo, red powder puff is an evergreen shrub or small tree. It was formerly included in the legume or pea family,.... It typically grows 10-15’ tall in its native habitat and is a very popular flowering shrub in central and southern Florida where it will survive year-round in the ground. Bipinnately compound leaves (5-10 pairs of leaflets per pinna) open copper-pink but mature to dark green. Raspberry-like flower buds open to hemispherical red powder puff flower heads (to 3” across) consisting of masses of scarlet stamens. Blooms primarily in fall and winter, but sporadic additional bloom may occur throughout the rest of the year. Variations in flower color exist, with some pink and white forms being available. Calliandra comes from the Greek words kallos meaning beauty and andros meaning

I last saw this in a greenhouse where it was an open shrub that was subject to mealybug.

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