Is there a website where I can submit information about my houseplants and manage them. I am looking for a service that would allow me to have a kind of a diary where I could keep track of their growth by uploading photos, comments etc.

I tried searching for something like this but couldn't find anything.



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I track mine using a spreadsheet on Google Drive. It's easy to tailor it to your needs.

In my personal system, each row represents one planting. Each planting is assigned an ID - I use the planting year and a number (eg, 14-10 for the tenth planting in 2014). This ID then goes on the plant labels.

I like this system because it's got a reasonable promise of longevity - even if the service goes downhill, the data can be exported and referenced later. You could potentially mine the data later, and scientifically determine what did and did not work well for each type of plant.

This system might not work as well with the photos, but you could always use an online photo system and reference your planting ID in each photo.

My personal system (pardon any awful gardening habits described therein): enter image description here


You could check out myfolia.com, which is a free garden journal and organizer. I'm sure it'll work for houseplants, too.


You could use RapidSprout.com, it comes with an extensive set of folder templates one of them being a house plant journal. Once you register select the category gardening then House Plant Journal and click on the create button. Next watering date will give you a visual alert by changing the color or the text as the date gets closer. There are many other folder templates that might be useful. It'll also work across all of your devices (desktop,phone,tablet) from the web browser. The folder is completely customizable using design mode.

I am the owner of RapidSprout.com and hope you find the site useful. There is no fee to use the site.

House Plant Journal 01. Plant 02. Location 03. Date Planted/Purchased 04. Cost 05. Last Watering Date 06. Next Watering Date (due date) 07. Light conditions Log (1-M) 01. Date 02. Description 02. Photo 03. Note

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There is http://www.mygarden.org too. Not indoor specific though.

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