I have found an insect sitting on one of my plants, in Auckland, New Zealand.

It is sitting on a broad bean leaf about 6 cm wide


Is this a friend or foe?

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    You have cooler insects in auckland, not fair! I didn't even know we had katydid in nz. I would have thought it was a tiny weta, but it looks just like J Musser's picture.
    – standgale
    Jan 11, 2015 at 9:47

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My best guess is a nymph of Caedicia simplex, (common name Katydid, Kiki Pounamu). These are native to Australia and New Zealand. They do feed on plants, but don't usually cause much damage unless the populations are great.

There are many color variants. Here's a comparison pic of a nymph that looks similar to yours:

enter image description here

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