I've been working on controlling the edge of my backyard, since it borders a wooded area, and there's a bunch of invasive vines growing everywhere. While I was chopping back some of the underbrush, I noticed that on one of the bushes there was a vine that has berries on it.

I thought it was a shrub at first, but when I looked at it again, I noticed that it was actually a vine running around the shrub. The vine has pairs of rounded leaves running along each side of if, with clusters of small black berries running along it at about 4-inch intervals.

I live in Southern Illinois, Zone 6.

Here are some pictures (Click for full-size):


I don't know if this view helps at all. It's kind of in the mix of a bunch of vines.


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I believe that's Japanese honeysuckle, or Lonicera japonica. It's a very common invasive vine that spreads by the black berries, and by runner above and below ground. Here are pictures of the flowers and berries:

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