We're slowly losing our fight against Aegopodium (snow on the mountains). The specific name is Aegopodium podagraria, though we think of it as Aegopodium obnoxiosio. Tilling the bejabbers out of it only breaks up the roots and leads to a vigorous regrowth. Burning it out only wastes propane. In desperation, we tried herbicides on a test patch, but it seems to treat Roundup as fertilizer. Covering it with a plastic barrier doesn't seem to work, at least for two years of coverage. We don't have access to nuclear weapons, so that's out (and probably wouldn't work anyway). I suppose we could overplant it with kudzu, but that just trades one problem for another.

Sorry for the rant, but does anyone have a suggestion we've missed? I can't believe people actually recommend it as a groundcover.

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