Here are the trees I'm wondering about:

picture of trees

They are growing in Hong Kong. They have moderate length leaves pointing downwards, and are twice as tall as road signs.

They look like young palm trees, but I'm not certain of that.

What are they?

  • Looks like a palm tree. There are quite a number of palms trebrown.com/palms_arecaceae.php. Perhaps you can get a picture closer up showing it's fruits or flowers...
    – stemie
    Oct 14, 2014 at 16:02

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They are Phoenix roebelenii, a species of date palm native to southeastern Asia. From Wikipedia:

Phoenix roebelenii, is a popular ornamental plant in gardens in tropical to warm temperate climate areas.

Phoenix roebelenii is a small to medium sized, slow-growing slender tree growing to 2–3 metres (6.6–9.8 ft) tall. The leaves are 60–120 cm (24–47 in) long, pinnate, with around 100 leaflets arranged in a single plane (unlike the related P. loureiroi where the leaflets are in two planes). Each leaflet is 15–25 cm (6–10 in)15-25 cm long and 1 cm broad, slightly drooping, and grey-green in colour with scurfy pubescence below.


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