I'm considering planting Pachysandra terminalis around the base of a few shrub/tree stands, but am concerned it may negatively effect the growth of the existing trees/shrubs.

Do you think it's safe to plant the Pachysandra this fall without jeopardizing the existing plantings?

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The Pachysandra itself won't negatively affect growth - what might, though, is if you break a lot of roots when digging to plant it if you attempt to plant too close to your trees. Most conifers produce a mat of roots fairly near the surface, with a taproot going deep down, so you'll need to plant far enough away that the roots of the trees aren't compromised, particularly with the 4 established Thuja - won't be so difficult round the more recently planted ones, but even so, you will need to take account of any root spread and plant a distance away, not least so that the two plants aren't competing too much for nutrients and water.

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