enter image description hereI have these plants popping up all over my 10x10ft garden in Wisconsin. I think it may be some kind of flower. I think the leaves look like potato leaves. I want to know what this is. Is it a weed?


That is an amaranth, Amaranthus sp. This is a very common weed in the temperate U.S.. For control and uses of this plant, refer to this question: What is this fast growing plant and should I rip it out?

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  • fwiw, "sp" is what you use when talking, um, generically about a species in a genus, especially if you don't know what the actual species is. I'm with you on calling this Amaranthus sp. (maybe A. retroflexus?). "sp", btw, is pronounced "spuh" by botanists. Seriously. – Yewge Jun 29 '14 at 3:19
  • Common name, Pigweed. Edible, seeds can be ground for meal. My sister just bought some decorative versions to plant in the garden. I remarked that it was kind of funny as I spent my childhood weeding its wild cousins out of the garden to feed to the chickens. – Fiasco Labs Jun 29 '14 at 4:38

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