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Jun 12 '21 at 22:54 comment added Jurp It is also possible that you have two different cultivars. This site (fitnesspell.com/rosemary) list 28 different cultivars. I own Prostrate Rosemary and it has never grown very large nor did it get woody quickly.
Jun 12 '21 at 18:59 comment added Bamboo No, the woodiness is normal over time- but never cut into the woody parts, they don't regenerate off the wood, but its fine to cut the softer, greener parts.
Jun 12 '21 at 16:11 comment added novawaly Thanks for the comments. That's helpful to know. I purchased these both from a local nursery and I had to grow then inside because I like in new Jersey in an apt with no outdoor space unfortunately. I tried cutting some of the taller branches back a bit to promote wider bushier growth so I wasn't sure if I had maybe made a mistake doing that. So at this point I should just let them grow unfettered? I was worried the woodieness might prevent it from growing bushier
Jun 12 '21 at 16:02 history answered Bamboo CC BY-SA 4.0