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Top new questions this week:

What does S1S4 (or similar) mean in the context of cherries?

I read about cherries, and each cultivar is associated to a mark like S1S4, S3S6 - or similar. I understand this is something related to genes, but could not find a comprehensive explanation on this ...

fruit-trees cherries  
asked by Alex Alex 7 votes
answered by GardenerJ 10 votes

How can I tell when a crab-apple tree is dead?

I have a crab-apple tree for a few years that was fine, as much as I can tell, however this year it didn't grow leaves. This is south Canada zone and all trees around are green for many weeks now. ...

mold dead-branch crabapples  
asked by itarato 3 votes
answered by Bamboo 1 vote

Is hardening off necessary whenever you uppot a plant?

Is hardening off necessary everytime you uppot the plant? Otherwise, how do you let the plant recover from transplant shock? Or won't the high temperature kill the plant whose roots are not ...

plant-care repotting  
asked by Arrowroot 3 votes
answered by Brōtsyorfuzthrāx 2 votes

Are these Dracaena Spikes? Should I prune them more?

Moved into a new place and not sure what these are. I'm in Michigan. I cut off the clearly dead leaves, but then there's a handful that are kind of spotty brown or half yellow which I left. Also, ...

pruning outdoor  
asked by Steve 3 votes
answered by csk 2 votes

Injecting zinc fertiliser directly into plant roots

I am facing an unusual problem. The soil concentration of heavy metal cadmium (Cd) in my garden is high. Getting cadmium out of the soil is a tricky and long term process, and the quick solution is to ...

fertilizer garlic  
asked by sanjihan 2 votes
answered by benn 1 vote

What is this in the soil of my potato plants?

My potatoes are near harvest and dying back, although one of them seems to have a rotting stem. I looked in the soil and found this?

bugs potatoes  
asked by brandon 2 votes
answered by alephzero 2 votes

Identify thick grassy lumps in my lawn

I'm a bit of a gardening newbie, so I hope this is not a stupid question. I've noticed a few thick grassy lumps appearing on my lawn. They're much thicker and have grass-like leaves growing from ...

grass weeds  
asked by Mark V 2 votes
answered by Bamboo 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How much lighting do I need for growing lettuce using indoor hydroponics?

I am beginning to get into indoor hydroponics to grow lettuce, I haven't figured out which type of lettuce to grow yet, I am thinking of a butterhead. I have been to many hydroponics stores and seen ...

light hydroponic  
asked by M. of CA 20 votes
answered by Fletcher Hillier 10 votes

What are good organic phosphorus sources for fruiting plants, other than rock phosphate or animal products?

I know the norm is to use rock phosphate or bone meal but I can't find rock phosphate in my area and it's expensive to ship because of the weight. I'm not able to use an animal product like bone or ...

vegetables indoors fertilizer organic  
asked by recursive_acronym 6 votes
answered by Alex 4 votes

What is the right way to pick peppers so the plant keeps producing?

Does it matter where on the stalk you cut or remove the fruit off the plant so that you don't suck away its future earning potential? Let's take the photo here, of a Cayenne pepper (Capsicum annuum), ...

vegetables peppers harvesting chili pinching-out  
asked by Eight Days of Malaise 23 votes
answered by Lorem Ipsum 17 votes

What to do with the damaged leaves of the Snake Plant (Sansevieria)?

I planted my Snake plant today and chose the best from the bunch. However, some of the tips has either dried off or damaged by some other means. I am posting some pics for better understanding: Cut ...

houseplants plant-care leaves snake-plants  
asked by 4-K 7 votes
answered by Srihari Yamanoor 5 votes

When should I pile more dirt onto a growing potato plant?

I've heard that I should be piling dirt onto my potato plants as they grow so that I end up with little mounds. My potato plants have started to poke through the surface. Should I totally cover them?...

asked by lukecyca 39 votes
answered by Shanna 36 votes

What is a suitable slope for a lawn to drain water away from a house?

We're about to level our front yard. It will be partly sown with grass, and partly planted with trees & shrubs, though it may not be completely relevant to this question. What is a suitable slope ...

lawn drainage  
asked by Highly Irregular 10 votes
answered by kevinskio 6 votes

Will I get lemons from a tree grown from a lemon seed?

I have planted seeds of a lemon and want to know, if I have to graft the lemon plant so I can get lemons? Or will they in time grow without grafting?

trees seeds planting grafting lemons  
asked by Angie 20 votes
answered by GardenerJ 18 votes

Can you answer these questions?

Building a cedar flower bed

I'm planning on building a cedar planter box in front of my house. It will be about 3 feet X 20 feet long (1 foot deep). I plan on using 4x4 posts then screw on some cedar fence boards. My question is,...

asked by Shinobii 1 vote

thorn bush with yellow fuit/seed in central florida. could this be Ximenia americana?

What is this thorn bush that produces seeds in late spring early fall. This picture was taken in april 25, but the seeds grow much bigger and rounder - i suspect need another month. I found this in ...

asked by Hell.Bent 1 vote

Tiny white insects in the soil-eating roots?

I notice a lot of white tiny tiny insect in the soil if my plants. They mainly stay in the soil, nothing on the stem or leaves. I just noticed these things today, so not sure how long they have been ...

identification pests  
asked by daisy pan 1 vote
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