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Top new questions this week:

What to plant after plowing before winter?

A common saying is that you should never leave the soil without any vegetative growth. We plowed our farm and planted garlic on half of it. The other half is empty. What is the appropriate culture ...

soil weed-control green-manure  
asked by sanjihan 4 votes
answered by Grady Player 1 vote

Brown spots on Golden Delicious leaves

I started out by having some apple seeds, Golden Delicious (eco/bio), in the fridge in order to germinate them. Since September (about 2 months ago ) they have been growing in smaller pots with a ...

asked by Fatmajk 2 votes
answered by Stephie 3 votes

Is it better to rake leaves into woods? Or bag them and haul them away?

Our home has 1-2 acres of community-owned forest adjacent to our property's backyard. We have wondered whether we should rake our leaves into the woods? Or is it best to bag and haul them away? In ...

leaves mulch  
asked by Doug T. 2 votes
answered by Bamboo 2 votes

Please help me identify this

My neighbor gave this to me right before she moved out of state she didn't know anything about it except that it would make a beautiful flowering plant. This is just the bottom of the start that I ...

identification houseplants propagation  
asked by Debnsteve2 1 vote
answered by GardenGems 0 votes

Maple root buckling patio pavers

We have a maple tree, one of whose roots is causing patio pavers to rise. The pavers are 10 - 12 feet from the tree. Should I either chisel off enough to level the pavers or remove the section of ...

trees pavers patio  
asked by geoB 1 vote
answered by blacksmith37 2 votes

Root bits in old potting mix

I have root bits from the previously grown basil in a soil that is perlite vermiculite coco coir and compost. Is there a way to remove them? If not, then how much new potting soil should I mix in? ...

asked by Aksh 1 vote
answered by GardenGems 1 vote

Please identify small black cones on avocado branch

One small branch of this five year old avocado tree is covered in black cones that resemble barnacle shells. Ants are clearly interested in them. What is going on here? Has something other than the ...

identification pests avocado pest-damage  
asked by Aaron Brick 1 vote
answered by Bamboo 3 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Family pool on lawn all summer - what can I do to help the grass underneath recover?

Like many families with children we have a large (15 foot) inflatable paddling pool taking up part of the lawn for the entire summer period (roughly May to Oct). When we pack away the pool, there's ...

lawn grass lawn-repair  
asked by Tea Drinker 14 votes
answered by Lisa 11 votes

Which side of a house will get the most sunlight?

Which side of a house will get the most sunlight? Articles on the internet seem to have conflicting answers. Is this because it is dependent on location?

houseplants sunlight  
asked by Alex B 26 votes
answered by Alex Feinman 29 votes

What food crops grow well in a hot/dry desert climate?

I live in Las Vegas, where year-round rainfall is very low, and summer temperatures can be very high. The humidity is very low, the sky is nearly always sunny, and spring and fall temperatures can ...

vegetables fruits desert  
asked by Bryson 25 votes
answered by Michael Todd 25 votes

How do I get rid of ducks from my backyard?

There are a couple of ducks in my yard (male and female). I think they have come to my backyard to make a nest. I fear that if this happens half my backyard will become off-limits due to an angry ...

pest-control pests  
asked by Om Patange 17 votes
answered by kevinsky 9 votes

Why has our lucky bamboo turned yellow?

Our lucky bamboo has turned yellow in a very short time, after we've had it for almost 2 years. We've trimmed all yellow leaves, and changed the pebble to clean the green algae - what else can be ...

diagnosis houseplants plant-health lucky-bamboo  
asked by Kobi 16 votes

Can I use a clear glass as a container for houseplants?

I have a quite large clear glass vase, that I would like to transform into a plant pot. What are the problems that may occur? Are there any houseplants that I can grow inside the house, which won't ...

houseplants containers  
asked by Panagiotis 13 votes
answered by kevinsky 10 votes

Can I grow a pistachio tree from seed?

I live in Las Vegas, Nevada. So I know I have the right soil and conditions to grow pistachio trees. But can I just plant a pistachio seed and grow a tree or do I have to go buy the tree?

trees seeds  
asked by Darlene 14 votes
answered by kevinsky 14 votes

Can you answer these questions?

Opposite of dwarfing rootstock

Is there such thing as a rootstock that instead of limiting a scion's size (a dwarfing rootstock), instead increases the scion's size and vigor (a "giganting" or "maximizing" rootstock)? For example ...

trees grafting  
asked by Logern 1 vote
answered by Bamboo 0 votes

Need help identifying seeds

I ordered seeds from a "garder" on aliexpress. I was looking to order Soursop seeds, however the seeds I received were not what I was hoping for. Could somebody help me with figuring out what kind of ...

identification seeds planting planting-times  
asked by Kai Gee 1 vote
answered by Grady Player 0 votes
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