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Top new questions this week:

Why do my mammoth sunflower leaves look like this?

These are what 2 of my mammoth sunflowers look like out of the 15 that I had originally planted. I live in growing zone 4, in the Minnesota area, and the temperature has been a steady 80 degrees ...

diagnosis leaves sunflowers  
user avatar asked by ToxicFlame427 Score of 4

Mysterious pink flower planted itself on my balcon

I live in Western Germany and since this summer a really beatiful flower planted itself on my balcon. I tried finding out what it is but I couldn't come up with a match. Maybe anybody else has a ...

user avatar asked by Ron Score of 2
user avatar answered by Jurp Score of 0

Why aren't my tomatillos fruiting?

We have two tomatillo plants that have been growing very well and have a ton of flowers. However, so far we have only had one single fruit! We had three plants last year that did very well with lots ...

user avatar asked by David K Score of 2

Why do soil mixes require "drainage" and "water holding" components?

complete newbie here learning how to pot my first avocado. The first tutorial I've watched said to mix equal parts perlite, peat, and all purpose potting mix. It's to my understanding that any potting ...

avocado potting-soil  
user avatar asked by Chris H. Score of 2
user avatar answered by Ecnerwal Score of 0

Can I transplant a Sycamore sapling that is growing through a crack in concrete?

See the above pictures for reference. Also for reference, the tree's location is in the southern Hudson Valley in New York state. There is a sycamore sapling growing through a crack in a sidewalk/...

user avatar asked by Audrey Michelle Score of 2
user avatar answered by Bamboo Score of 6

Can someone please help me to identify this plant?

I found this plant in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It looks to be a tree with purple flowers.Tree with purple flowrs

trees leaves flowers  
user avatar asked by Maryan Verissimo Score of 2
user avatar answered by Bamboo Score of 2

Why do some plants need an "open" position?

The guidance for some plants (eg, some Australian natives like banksias) says they need an "open and sunny position". The sunny part is self explanatory. But why do they need an open ...

sunlight urban-gardening native-plants  
user avatar asked by Steve Bennett Score of 2
user avatar answered by Bamboo Score of 6

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How do I keep mosquitos out of my fountain?

I found lots of mosquito larvae in my fountain. How can I get rid of them? A local store has the doughnut thingies but they are expensive. I'd prefer a homemade solution if possible. I tried ...

pests mosquito fountain  
user avatar asked by Kevin Lawrence Score of 29

How do you safely and effectively stop a cat from pooping in your yard?

Our neighbor's cat keeps pooping in our mulch and around our yard. Is there a safe and effective way to stop neighborhood pets from doing so? Has anyone used a method that works well?

pest-control domestic-animals  
user avatar asked by taber Score of 47
user avatar answered by winwaed Score of 22

Advanced care of an indoor avocado plant

I have a 6-month-old indoor avocado plant that is growing nicely. I have cut it back a few times and it is now about 1 meter (3 feet) high: How often and how much should I prune my avocado plant? Can ...

houseplants avocado  
user avatar asked by Jonathan Score of 22
user avatar answered by kevinskio Score of 14

Does commercial (bagged) soil eventually expire/die?

I have several piles of commercial, bagged top soil and potting mix that have been lying in my garage for at least 10 years. I'm doing some renovations and can really use some extra soil for some new ...

soil potting-soil  
user avatar asked by Robert Cartaino Score of 10
user avatar answered by J. Musser Score of 6

Should I remove the dead flower heads from my hydrangea?

Earlier this year, I bought a hydrangea (from Ikea of all places!) and planted it out in the garden. It flowered nicely for a while, but the flowers have pretty much finished now and nearly all of the ...

user avatar asked by Mal Ross Score of 20
user avatar answered by Lorem Ipsum Score of 19

Can I cut off exposed tree roots without harming the tree?

Large trees often have roots protruding out of the ground around the base of the trunk (such as the ones that can push up sidewalks next to the tree). When is it safe to cut those roots (that might be ...

trees root-pruning  
user avatar asked by jrdioko Score of 25
user avatar answered by Jeff Atwood Score of 26

What are yellow balls in the soil?

In the first picture you can find my fingers, a ladybug and small yellow balls. I found them in the soil, close to roots of a plant (Hardy Kiwi) that died last year, probably because of heat stress (...

user avatar asked by dzieciou Score of 7
user avatar answered by stormy Score of 3

Can you answer these questions?

Chilli plant leaves droop during the day and is up during night

My chili plant leaves droop during the day and the leaves are all up at night. I water the plant enough and have cross checked for any bacterial infection. The soil also consists of vermicompost and ...

plant-health plant-care transplanting chili  
user avatar asked by Rohit Kumar Score of 2

Avacado leaves browning, new leaves wilting

Ive been growing three avacados from pit for about 2 years indoors, they’ve done well but recently two have developed brown spots in between the “veins” one I decided to replace with a different plant ...

indoors wilting  
user avatar asked by Nick Score of 2

How far can I cut back this hedge?

I have this hedge (lavender star flower -- Grewia occidentalis): [] It is growing in a very dark corridor between my house and the fence. It does pretty well there, but I need to paint the fence. ...

pruning shrubs hedge  
user avatar asked by MemoryWrangler Score of 1
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