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Top new questions this week:

Why is my pepino melon bitter?

About a year ago, I bought a pepino dulce fruit from the store. It had white skin with purple stripes, and its flesh tasted slightly sweet, but nothing off-putting about it. So I decided to plant a ...

vegetables harvesting  
user avatar asked by J. Doe Score of 5
user avatar answered by Sir Thinksalot Score of 7

Are artificial lights at night bad for Venus flytraps?

I am growing a Venus flytrap (Dionaea muscipula) on a porch. During daytime, the plant receives strong sunlight. When it gets dark, an 800 lumens warm white LED light bulb illuminates the porch. This ...

light venus-fly-trap  
user avatar asked by Flux Score of 4
user avatar answered by Escoce Score of 1

What is Christmas Island Rock Phosphate (CIRP) and how do I use it?

I found 2 kilogram (4.4 lbs) sealed plastic bag labelled "CIRP Christmas Island Rock Phosphate 34.5% P2O5". It contains very fine light brown powder. I assume that it is phosphate ...

fertilizer chemicals phosphorous  
user avatar asked by Flux Score of 3
user avatar answered by Ecnerwal Score of 1

Rubber Plant Leaves Turning Red and Dropping

We bought a rubber plant maybe 5 months ago. Looked like it was thriving inside the OSH store we bought it from. Probably not the best thing to do but we repotted it when we got home (Miracle Grow + ...

diagnosis ficus  
user avatar asked by Michael Score of 3
user avatar answered by kevinskio Score of 4

Ideas for Small Planters to Benefit Pollinators That Doesn't Involve Plants

When we moved into our current house, there wasn't much planting space on the ground, so I had the idea to buy 20 small, metal planters to hang off the slats of fence. They are 12cm tall with a 14cm ...

containers container-gardening wildlife bee-attractive  
user avatar asked by DrVHam Score of 2
user avatar answered by Ecnerwal Score of 3

How to restore rusty gardening tools that are used in humid climate

I found some old gardening tools (trowel, fork, cultivator, secateurs). The paint is flaking off, and the metal has rusted. For context, this is in a hot and humid tropical climate. What can I do to ...

tools tool-maintenance  
user avatar asked by Flux Score of 2
user avatar answered by Ecnerwal Score of 3

Identify waxy spots on Agave Americana Variegata

My girlfriend has an agave plant (Agave Americana Variegata we think) she got from a friend a few years ago and we have recently noticed waxy looking spots on a few of the lower leaves, as shown in ...

identification houseplants diseases  
user avatar asked by s_ha_dum Score of 2
user avatar answered by kevinskio Score of 1

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

What is the right way to pick peppers so the plant keeps producing?

Does it matter where on the stalk you cut or remove the fruit off the plant so that you don't suck away its future earning potential? Let's take the photo here, of a Cayenne pepper (Capsicum annuum), ...

vegetables peppers harvesting chili pinching-out  
user avatar asked by Eight Days of Malaise Score of 23
user avatar answered by Lorem Ipsum Score of 17

Why is an indoor pepper plant flowering but not producing fruit?

One of my pepper plants has started to flower, and the petals are falling off to reveal a pepper growing from that stem - well, at least the first two have, and the other flowers seem to be bulging ...

diagnosis indoors peppers flowers  
user avatar asked by DMA57361 Score of 23

Why is my new Acer tree dying?

I recently bought a small red Acer and moved it into a more permanent pot. It's about 2 1/2 feet tall and since I've moved it, the leaves have started to brown and shrivel like a dead leaf would in ...

trees diagnosis tree-care japanese-maple  
user avatar asked by Greg B Score of 12
user avatar answered by Bamboo Score of 11

Can I cut off exposed tree roots without harming the tree?

Large trees often have roots protruding out of the ground around the base of the trunk (such as the ones that can push up sidewalks next to the tree). When is it safe to cut those roots (that might be ...

trees root-pruning  
user avatar asked by jrdioko Score of 25
user avatar answered by Jeff Atwood Score of 26

What is the name of this plant with 5-petaled pink flowers?

What is the name of this plant? The image was from a China tour website, although it doesn't seem to be on that page anymore. I am not sure if it is also popular in America.

identification flowers  
user avatar asked by Tim Score of 10
user avatar answered by Eric Nitardy Score of 13

How do I remove dandelions without damaging my lawn?

My lawn is infested with dandelions. Although they're benign, the flowers are fun to play with and the plant has several useful properties, it sure is an eyesore and I'd like to get rid of it. How can ...

weed-control lawn dandelions  
user avatar asked by Lorem Ipsum Score of 30
user avatar answered by Mancuniensis Score of 19

To be effective, how long does Glyphosate weed killer need to be applied before it rains?

Yesterday I used around 3 litres (approximately 1 gallon) of glyphosate (generic Roundup) around my garden. It was in the evening around 6pm. This morning I awoke to the sound of rain. Will the rain ...

soil weed-control herbicide rain  
user avatar asked by Coomie Score of 17
user avatar answered by Bogdanovist Score of 14

Can you answer these questions?

Schefflera help

My schefflera that I have had for 18+ years just started to have some issues. From the bottom the leaves are turning brown and stalks are falling off. I am seeing tan spots on the leaves. It has moved ...

houseplants diagnosis  
user avatar asked by Brittany Dupre Score of 1

What is the maximum size of an Aromatic Green Dwarf coconut palm?

I am thinking of planting an Aromatic Green Dwarf coconut palm (a.k.a Pandan coconut palm) because its lower height makes harvests easier. The coconut palm would be planted in a home garden in ...

fruit-trees palm cultivar  
user avatar asked by Flux Score of 2

Tiny Holes in a few hibiscus leaves. Also slight yellowing

What to do? Hibiscus plants Tiny holes and slight yellowing on leaves. Looked like very small ants on the leaves. Also thought I saw a small small whitish spider

diagnosis plant-health diseases  
user avatar asked by Holly Pollard Score of 1
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