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Top new questions this week:

Entire apple seedling was eaten, but miraculously came back as two. Now what?

At the beginning of the pandemic, house bound, I decided I wanted to try germinating apple seeds from fruits I had consumed. After a dormancy, one of the seeds actually sprouted and I was obsessed ...

pruning seedlings pest-damage apples overwintering  
asked by Stephanie 3 votes
answered by benn 1 vote

Can you graft onto the stump of an established apple tree?

I have some well-established Bramley apple trees - 5 of them which is 2 more than I need, so my plan was to remove 2 ad plant other varieties. But is it possible to graft a new tree onto the existing ...

apples grafting  
asked by Mr. Boy 2 votes
answered by alephzero 3 votes

Does anyone know what this soil insect is?

I bought a palm plant from Aldi a few weeks ago but only just notice some critters hanging around in the soil. Only spotted a couple so not riddled with them (yet). Just wondered if they're harmful ...

identification bugs  
asked by Emily 1 vote
answered by Autumn 1 vote

At what age/size will an avocado tree survive a European winter?

Me and my brown thumb finally managed to grow an avocado tree. I'd like to grow it for a while and then plant it in the garden in a few years. I read that avocados shouldn't be left outside during the ...

avocado overwintering  
asked by Christopher Thonfeld-Guckes 1 vote

What happen to my hydroponic lettuce leaves

What may cause my lettuce leaves to look like in these pictures? I don't find any literature in my language (Bahasa Indonesia) that explain this phenomenon or find any similar images on the internet. ...

hydroponic lettuce  
asked by Angela Radityatama 1 vote

Kentia Palm brown leaves

enter image description hereI’ve read a few previous Kentia Palm questions but unfortunately I’m still confused as to what is happening with my plant. I bought it about 3months ago from Harris Farm (...

houseplants palm kentia  
asked by Sammie03 1 vote
answered by LazyReader 0 votes

How to kill off bramble roots?

I decided to start a vegetable garden so I started clearing my backyard after several years of bramble colonising it. I realize some roots go beyond 40cm deep. Instead of digging further to reach the ...

asked by drake035 1 vote
answered by Wayfaring Stranger 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How do I make Emerald Green Arborvitae grow as fast as biologically possible?

I'm buying a bunch of these babies below to create a privacy screen in my backyard. I'm getting young ones and want them to grow as fast as I can make them grow. Is there anything I can do to make ...

trees tree-care shrubs growth hedge  
asked by Kirk Ouimet 7 votes
answered by kevinsky 8 votes

why has my elephant ear suddenly turned yellow?

One of my three elephant ears on my deck in Brooklyn(only a mile from Stack Exchange HQ) has suddenly turned yellow. I had some yellowing on it's sibling earlier in the year, which I diagnosed as ...

asked by Jeff of Brooklyn 3 votes
answered by Bamboo 0 votes

My tree is a wasp magnet, what can I do to get rid of them?

There is a small tree (about 2 meters tall, maybe a bit more) at the front of my house that has become a wasp magnet in the last few weeks. I have seen at least 2 kinds of wasps hanging in there, and ...

trees pest-control  
asked by yms 7 votes
answered by bee.catt 6 votes

What are good organic phosphorus sources for fruiting plants, other than rock phosphate or animal products?

I know the norm is to use rock phosphate or bone meal but I can't find rock phosphate in my area and it's expensive to ship because of the weight. I'm not able to use an animal product like bone or ...

vegetables indoors fertilizer organic  
asked by recursive_acronym 6 votes
answered by Alex 4 votes

Is rain water better than tap water for plants?

Is it better to water your plants with rain water collected in water butts? I mean is that better than water straight from the tap? And is it just a matter of temperature (presumably plants don't ...

watering rain-barrel  
asked by Tea Drinker 37 votes
answered by Shanna 25 votes

Can salt be used to control weeds permanently?

I was reading over here that salt can be used to control weeds in paved areas? Is salt an effective way to kill all (or most) plant types? Is it a permanent solution? Will using salt affect ground ...

weed-control pavers  
asked by Coomie 19 votes
answered by Bamboo 23 votes

How to reseed grass after killing weeds?

My lawn is overrun by clover and all sorts of weeds. I have lawn grass spots here and there, but the majority is weeds. I was going to spray with "Ortho Weed-B-Gon Max", then spread some top soil ...

weed-control grass lawn-repair overseeding  
asked by ventsyv 8 votes
answered by alephzero 6 votes

Can you answer these questions?

Can anyone help me identify the problem with my Areca Palm

I got this plant some 2 months ago from a local nursery and recently I noticed dark brown and yellow spots and now It started dying as you can see int the second image. I am watering it when the upper ...

houseplants diagnosis plant-health diseases  
asked by Somesh Kumar 1 vote

Browning cactus. Cut and repot or wait?

Not sure what type of cactus this is, but it was a grocery store purchase from 2 years ago and has been doing okay until the past 6 months. It sits in a western facing window with about 7 hours of ...

cactus repotting  
asked by jasmeen moubarak 1 vote

White patches with black dots on leaves of Areca Palm

I have a small Areca Palm and today I noticed these small white patches appearing on the leaves, the patch is on the top and bottom side of the leaf, it almost looks like it's dried out? Whatever it ...

plant-care leaves palm  
asked by Crusts 1 vote
answered by LazyReader 0 votes
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