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Top new questions this week:

Plant with orange-red leaves and white-purplish flowers, can anyone help me identify it?

I bought this at an unmanned roadside stall, and there was no name. It was just four or five bright orange leaves big at that time in early May. It has now grown to be at least 75cm high and wide and ...

identification annuals  
user avatar asked by Tinkeringbell Score of 7
user avatar answered by Spectra Score of 8

Tool for picking figs which doesn't tear them

Bit of a long shot, but anyway I'm looking for a tool (which I can build) which can pick figs without tearing them. I have a plastic bottle fruit picker of the sort which is often demonstrated on ...

harvesting tools figs  
user avatar asked by Robert Dodier Score of 5
user avatar answered by Colin Beckingham Score of 2

Can I compost pomace left over from winemaking?

I am trying my hand at making wine, starting out with 13 l of grape must. After primary fermentation, I separated the liquid from the pomace, ending up with some 8 l of liquid and approximately 5 l of ...

user avatar asked by user149408 Score of 5
user avatar answered by Ecnerwal Score of 6

What is this large growing yellow patch on my cedar hedge?

It is the start of fall here on the west coast in British Columbia, Canada. Accordingly with the start of the rainy season, I have started to rely on rainwater to keep my over 40 emerald cedars moist. ...

user avatar asked by Clovergardens Score of 3

Freshish wood chips as filler for bottom of raised vege garden

I have built a raised bed (about 60cm high) and want to fill it so I can start growing stuff. Unfortunately the cost of vege mix/garden mix is quite high - so I'm wanting to add something as a ...

soil mulch hugelkultur  
user avatar asked by davidgo Score of 3
user avatar answered by MackM Score of 4

How to handle wind issues on terrace garden

I have planted some seeds on the pot and kept that on the terrace. But there's too much wind during the evening time. I'm not sure how the plants can sustain the wind. Besides my terrace floor is made ...

damage urban-gardening wind-damage heat roof-garden  
user avatar asked by Vivo Score of 2

Balcony tree which can be kept in winter in appartment

I am looking for a small tree/plant up to 2.5m high, which can be kept in the winter months in the apartment, I.e. sunny and about 20 degrees C, otherwise on balcony. live in Austria, rather warm ...

houseplants plant-care  
user avatar asked by Agnieszka Score of 2

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Can I cut the top off a drooping aloe plant?

I inherited this horrible aloe plant from an old roommate. It was living in a tall, skinny Tupperware in a dark corner of the kitchen, where it got knocked over and stepped on more than once. From ...

houseplants succulents light aloe  
user avatar asked by kabest Score of 12

What is a suitable slope for a lawn to drain water away from a house?

We're about to level our front yard. It will be partly sown with grass, and partly planted with trees & shrubs, though it may not be completely relevant to this question. What is a suitable slope ...

lawn drainage  
user avatar asked by Highly Irregular Score of 10
user avatar answered by kevinskio Score of 6

How to get the dirt out of the rocks in rock landscaping?

My house is surrounded by rocks (wraps all the way around the house and in places is 10 feet wide) that my father-in-law put in 20+ years ago, way before my wife and I bought his house. Those rocks ...

user avatar asked by Peter Turner Score of 21
user avatar answered by Lorem Ipsum Score of 13

Is it better to plant many seeds in one hole or few?

I don't quite understand why so many tutorials, photos and videos show people planting a bunch of seeds together in one hole. Is there some benefit to this? I have very little experience with ...

seeds planting  
user avatar asked by user1306322 Score of 12
user avatar answered by user3084006 Score of 11

What causes black spots on my apples?

I've got an apple tree in the garden which has produced a good crop, but most of the apples are covered in black spots: What is this? It seems to be some sort of fungus, but what's the best way to ...

diagnosis fruit-trees apples  
user avatar asked by growse Score of 18

Does commercial (bagged) soil eventually expire/die?

I have several piles of commercial, bagged top soil and potting mix that have been lying in my garage for at least 10 years. I'm doing some renovations and can really use some extra soil for some new ...

soil potting-soil  
user avatar asked by Robert Cartaino Score of 10
user avatar answered by J. Musser Score of 6

Are household LED bulbs suitable as supplemental light for plants?

I live at a fairly northerly latitude where we have limited hours of daylight during the winter. Low-wattage (5-8W) white LED bulbs seem to be becoming more common as a household light source. Do ...

light winter-gardening led  
user avatar asked by Ben Mordue Score of 35
user avatar answered by nigelc Score of 30

Can you answer these questions?

Reviving newly laid buffalo sod

I have taken too many days to finish laying my turf. After almost a week (with a night of rain in between), the pallets of sods that have been sitting on the garage driveway are in very bad condition....

grass rot  
user avatar asked by Howard Score of 2

Why so much leaf burn on my Viburnum opulus 'Roseum'?

I have a young Viburnum opulus 'Roseum' in my garden that is planted in a partially shaded area. It only receives about 4-5 hours of direct sunlight in the morning. The plant is against a fence that ...

leaves shrubs sunlight  
user avatar asked by jignatius Score of 2

What window should I grow my San Pedro Cactus?

I have a baby San Pedro cactus and I'm wondering if I can grow it indoors in a west facing window. I live in the UK and the cactus seems healthy, it's only about 5-6 inches tall.

indoors succulents cactus sunlight  
user avatar asked by Twurti Score of 2
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