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Top new questions this week:

What is this red football shaped fruit?

We encountered this fruit in a garden in Los Angeles. It was on a bush. We opened a small one and it had a soft but solid interior, with no obvious seeds or pits, but again, the one we opened was ...

asked by Arcanist Lupus 5 votes
answered by seedelicious 3 votes

Training Fruit trees to form low fences

I recently visited a country estate in the UK. The gardens had a number of large beds and the paths through these beds where all lined with low (2 foot or so) fences to create the barrier. The really ...

fruit-trees apples pear  
asked by Richard C 3 votes
answered by alephzero 4 votes

good plants for a marshy area?

I'm trying to add some plants to our backyard that can do well in healthy soil that does get very marshy several times during the summer. It's an area that receives some sun and some shade - probably ...

lawn-repair perennials wildflowers ferns  
asked by Jamie Watts 2 votes
answered by Jurp 1 vote

Heavy wet clayey soil - grit, sand or perlite?

I live in a rented house with a garden in North East of England. Last year I attempted to create a small bed for growing herbs and some vegetables but the soil appears to be very clayey and wet all ...

soil compost potting-soil clay  
asked by David O 2 votes
answered by Bamboo 4 votes

How long do I wait to wire my ficus bonsai after re-potting it?

I recently got a ficus bonsai 3 days ago. It's responding well, however, it needs some wiring, pruning and general reshaping before the spring/summer growth. I was wondering how long should I wait ...

pruning bonsai repotting ficus  
asked by Mack Martyn 2 votes
answered by stormy 0 votes

Please can you help me identify this

I have found this growing through out a newly purchased allotment, the root is really thick and almost looks like asparagus stems but has these small leaves started to break through the surface! ...

asked by Sam Jakeway 2 votes

Why is my aloe vera plant having plant spots?

My aloe vera plant is having black and brown spots. Help me figure it out .

asked by Aviral Saxena 2 votes
answered by GardenGems 0 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Are chemical fertilizers poisonous to people or animals?

I've been seeing a lot of conflicting information online about chemical fertilizers being poisonous and was wondering if there are any trustworthy sources of information to definitely answer this ...

asked by Randy 9 votes

Should I burn out my tree stumps?

I'm looking for the best way to get rid of tree stumps. I have so many on my property that digging them out by hand is almost unreasonable, and I can't get a truck into the back to pull them out. ...

asked by jdickson 18 votes
answered by Coomie 14 votes

How to get the dirt out of the rocks in rock landscaping?

My house is surrounded by rocks (wraps all the way around the house and in places is 10 feet wide) that my father-in-law put in 20+ years ago, way before my wife and I bought his house. Those rocks ...

asked by Peter Turner 18 votes
answered by Lorem Ipsum 13 votes

Which side of a house will get the most sunlight?

Which side of a house will get the most sunlight? Articles on the internet seem to have conflicting answers. Is this because it is dependent on location?

houseplants sunlight  
asked by Alex B 26 votes
answered by Alex Feinman 29 votes

Does commercial (bagged) soil eventually expire/die?

I have several piles of commercial, bagged top soil and potting mix that have been lying in my garage for at least 10 years. I'm doing some renovations and can really use some extra soil for some new ...

soil potting-soil  
asked by Robert Cartaino 9 votes
answered by J. Musser 6 votes

Can this peace lily be saved?

We have bought this peace lily plant one or 2 months ago, but suddenly all life seems to have gone out of it. Can we still save it? We watered it once a week, so I don't think that is the issue.

plant-health houseplants  
asked by Wim Deblauwe 15 votes
answered by kevinsky 11 votes

How can I control/remove unwanted grass in flower beds?

I have a flower bed with some ground cover, daffodils, tulips and a few shrubs. Lately grass has been growing pretty much everywhere, including through the ground cover. I tried an herbicide called ...

weed-control flowers grass  
asked by JYelton 22 votes
answered by Shane 22 votes

Can you answer these questions?

How to trim an avocado tree?

I was recently given an avocado tree that is a 5 ft tall stalk. It is in a pot indoors. I would like to trim it to encourage bushiness. How much should I trim off? The top five leaves? The top ...

avocado trimming  
asked by usernumber 1 vote

Brown mold on my reishi grow?

I'm growing a monotub of reishi. The tub is well colonised but it looks like there's a couple square inches where the reishi myc isn't growing and I noticed a small patch of brown eaten into the ...

asked by Jimmy Widdle 1 vote

Young mango tree leaves get blackish and fall off

I have planted a mango seed and it was growing fine until a few days ago I noticed that one of the leaves had started going blackish. When I touched it, it fell. Yesterday I noticed that another one ...

diagnosis plant-health fruit-trees diseases tree-care  
asked by MangoLover 1 vote
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