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Top new questions this week:

About removing mulch

We just bought a house with a big front and backyard most of which is covered by newly laid mulch/wood chips. There also seems to be a later of plastic underneath this layer of mulch. The house has ...

lawn soil landscaping mulch yard  
asked by Sang Ram 3 votes
answered by Bamboo 2 votes

Will mirabelles grow and fruit in Northern England?

Plums can fruit pretty prolifically up here in NE England but we can get frosts quite late into spring and this has to be taken into account choosing varieties of fruit trees. I understand mirabelles ...

fruit-trees plums  
asked by Mr. Boy 3 votes

What are the brown spots on the leaves of this plant, is it dangerous and how can I treat it?

Rookie houseplant owner here. I have this beautiful plant (first question, does anyone know what it is)? It seems quite healthy, growing new leaves every week but one side has more and more brown ...

houseplants plant-health prayer-plants  
asked by Aolon 3 votes
answered by Jurp 2 votes

What is the difference between soaking and watering thoroughly

What is the difference between soaking the plant or watering until water flows out of the bottom but not soaking. It sounds the same to me???

asked by C D 2 votes
answered by Jurp 3 votes

Help Identifying Fruit

I was hoping someone may be able to identify this fruit that was picked unripe. I was thinking maybe a Tamarillo but not sure. Thanks in advance. Thanks so much for the response. Here's a photo of ...

identification fruits  
asked by Louie 1 vote
answered by Lanier 3 votes

How Winter-Hardy are Austral Gem Ferns and Kangaroo Paw Ferns?

I looked up online cold hardiness of austral gem ferns and kangaroo paw ferns but only got contradictory results. Some sources say they are cold-hardy in zone 10 and above, yet others say they cannot ...

ferns plant-hardiness  
asked by daier 1 vote

What causes boxwood hedging to lose its leaves in the UK's winter months?

Boxwood is supposed to be an 'ever-green', yet in the UK it's becoming increasingly noticeable over the past few years how they shed their leaves, especially on the top surface, over the winter months ...

plant-care leaves diseases hedge blight  
asked by John McAndrew 1 vote
answered by Bamboo 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

What is this white mold growing in my germinating avocado roots?

It forms white textured bumps near the top of the root, underwater: This also happened to a previous avocado seed I started, and when the plant died after about 12 months, I dug up the roots, and ...

germination roots avocado mold  
asked by Animik 7 votes
answered by Zegarek 3 votes

How much lighting do I need for growing lettuce using indoor hydroponics?

I am beginning to get into indoor hydroponics to grow lettuce, I haven't figured out which type of lettuce to grow yet, I am thinking of a butterhead. I have been to many hydroponics stores and seen ...

light hydroponic  
asked by M. of CA 21 votes
answered by Fletcher Hillier 10 votes

What are some natural ways of killing ground ivy (creeping charlie)?

We have ground ivy (creeping charlie) that is trying to take over our back yard. We are against using pesticides, as we have a young son. Are there natural/organic ways of beating it (other than ...

weed-control organic  
asked by David Oneill 36 votes
answered by trip0d199 15 votes

What is the average lifespan of most maple trees?

In general how long do maple trees live? Does the lifespan vary a lot according to species? I'm thinking of planting a few in my yard and I'm wondering how long they will be around.

trees maple lifespan  
asked by WienerDog 19 votes
answered by kevinskio 10 votes

Can I place plants in the ground in the original pots they came from the nursery in?

I am redoing the landscaping left by the previous owners of my house. When going to nurseries I find that everything comes planted in a pot. When thinking lazily about it, at one time I considered ...

containers planting landscaping  
asked by QueueHammer 6 votes

Why does my grass have bright green patches?

My yard is about 6 years old (new house). When we put the yard in, the seed was equal parts Fescue, Rye, and Kentucky Bluegrass. We live in NE Ohio. About 2-3 years ago, we started getting these ...

lawn diagnosis fertilizer grass  
asked by Mike Ohlsen 21 votes
answered by Mancuniensis 18 votes

How do I encourage morning glories to bloom?

I know that many of you will find this unbelievable -- but my morning glories did not bloom this year. For those of you that live where morning glories are a perenial that borders on "weed" this ...

diagnosis flowering morning-glory  
asked by Joseph Barisonzi 15 votes
answered by Mancuniensis 7 votes
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