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I'm mainly a beta user right now:

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Brief description of my location/climate:

3.1 acres of scrub woods and steep southwest slopes down to a swampy front yard. avg 45-60"/yr. precipitation. First frost: September 25. Last frost: April 10. Avg. low in winter is 22 degrees Fahrenheit, occasionally down to 0 or -2 to 3. Avg. high in summer is 82 degrees Fahrenheit, occasionally up to 103 to 104.

I joined this site July 6 '11, if I remember straight. I have been gardening all my life, and have experience in the southeastern Pennsylvanian climate. I have knowledge in lawn care, tree and shrub care, general landscaping, edibles, nursery, and indoor gardening, as well as other variable aspects of horticulture.

I also have a fairly good knowledge of basic biological concepts, and have fun with scientific experiments (well, I would, had I more time). I enjoy outdoor activities, when I can get around to them, and am an amateur dog trainer. I also have a rather nice knowledge of good sustainable agricultural practices and livestock raising and care. I haven't been into it for too long, but it's still an interest.

Feel free to drop me a note:

just kidding

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