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comment How do I kill this salt cedar?
Possibly useful: gardening.stackexchange.com/questions/5766/…
comment What is causing yellow spots with 'hair growth' on the underside of the leaves on my tree?
What type of tree is it?
comment Does eating fruits and vegetables watered with greywater affect your health?
Welcome to the site, Jeff. Please see the help center for the reason your signature was edited out. I also fixed some typos and added some paragraph breaks for readability. Again, welcome.
comment Why do the leaves of my avocado tree have brown edges and spots?
@mrsuthe Please explain why you think it's a mango, and what you would do to cure or prevent the brown edges on the leaves. As it stands, this doesn't answer the question.
comment Why do blueberries need acidic soil?
This might be more appropriate on Biology, but I'll wait and see if the community here agrees with me. Related meta post: meta.gardening.stackexchange.com/questions/291/…
comment Why is the leaf on my avocado tree drooping?
If you ever return to this question, please update it with the details asked for. It will then be added automatically to a queue for review for reopening. Thanks.
comment What is this unusual fruit seedling?
@J.Musser The original photo on imgur.com has much higher resolution; I edited the post to include a link to it. Please take a look and see if it helps.
comment Why is the leaf on my avocado tree drooping?
Please use comments for requests for additional information in the question (see gardening.stackexchange.com/help/privileges/comment for more information). There's some good information here, but it's mixed with a flurry of requests for extra details (some of which were already asked for), making the whole thing hard to read.
comment Why is the leaf on my avocado tree drooping?
Please add some photos of the whole tree and the affected leaves because they will help with diagnosis of the problem.
comment What kind of tree is this and what's wrong with it?
Moderator note: there was a comment discussion on this post, leading to the substantial changes between revisions 1 and 2. The comment discussion can now be found in chat.
comment Spruce as building material
I'm migrating this to our Home Improvement sister site, since it's about staining and sealing an outdoor structure.
comment How do I prevent parrots from snacking on my fruit trees?
Please report back to let us know if it works.
comment What is this plant that sprouted when I planted pepper seeds?
Where do you live and what kind of soil did you plant the seeds in? If you used soil from your garden, it's possible that it's something found naturally in your area. Even if you used sterile potting soil, a "local" seed could have landed and grown in the pot.
comment What is this plant with oval leaflets in a compound leaf?
@mehek: If you ever return to this, please add the information that other respondents have asked for so we can take it off hold and hopefully provide you with an answer. Thanks.
comment What is this plant growing in my backyard?
With identification questions, it's useful to describe where in the world you found the plant, and the conditions where you found it (sun, shade, rocky hillside, forested riverbank, and so on). If you have more information about the plant, please update your question to add it. Thanks.
comment How can I drain water from a low spot in my garden when I have no lower spot to drain to?
I was going to suggest this too. Here's a brochure from my city on how to build a rain garden.
comment Where does the carbon that makes up a plant come from?
Note: Now that this question is back in the close vote review, be aware that it is too old to be migrated to Biology (see Disable migration for questions older than 60 days for details). It's a simple choice between closing it or not on this site.
comment How do I repel tree squirrels that are digging holes in my lawn?
10 seconds? Won't that just result in a soggy (and likely very annoyed) squirrel?
comment Smallest practical garden pond
@BadNeighbor Please post a link instead of making us search for it. Thanks.
comment What is this in my garden
@kevinsky I think it's Euphorbia, not Eucalyptus. On second thoughts, I'm not convinced it's E. lathyris as I've never seen it get bushy like that.