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One problem I see is that the pots are way too big for the size of the plant. When there is a larger mass of soil that the plant has yet to root into the soil will stay damper longer. I suggest down potting one into a six inch diameter pot. If you can get one that is narrow and deeper that would help too. That style of pot is more suited for your plants ...


Plant number one is a Rhapis excelsa palm, a real beauty.They grow well in bright diffuse light but will tolerate periods of low light. The die back at the ends of the leaves is natural. Just take a pair of scissors and trim it off leaving a tiny margin of dead material on the leaf so you do not cut into live tissue. Plant number two is a Dracaena Janet ...


Looks sadly dying to me :( did you check for diseases? We have never watered them in France where we lived before, not even during 4 months droughts. They seem to but down some very deep roots. Please look further in for parasites or diseases.


I agree, take half of the fruit of and water it daily. Leaves don't look curled but folded to me, that is how the tree protects itself in summer. In Australia they did that during the hot months. My partner's kumquat tree (a very small orange) survived 7 weeks in a dark hot container, we thought it would take about four weeks to get here but the container ...

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