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If there was no sign of dampness 5 minutes after, if I understood your question properly, then they did not blow out that sprinkler. Look at both sprinklers and compare. If these are retractable, you can't look for grass clippings, and will have to go by how they look. They aren't usually too dirty to start with, so this can be difficult. It's also ...


Sadly I cannot identify the plant, but I would start by repotting the plant. If the plant looks to be root bound, spread up the roots and place into a larger pot. If it is not root bound something about the same size should do fine.


This may seem a bit obvious, but maybe go back to watering it everyday? ! Is the soil most or dry when you water it? If it is dry (no moisture, crumbles apart) you need to water it more often or give it more water when you do).


I had one several years back and I would water mine once a week and it would be fine. It died when I moved, but it did fine with that much. I would water it about 1 cup and let it drain through the holes.


How much water was in the jar when you received it? Because lucky bamboo can adapt to grow in straight water, sometimes with sand/rocks as a root anchorage/substrate. In that case, keep it filled to near the level of the top of the sand/rocks. You can't really overwater, when the plant is adapted to these conditions, except to fill it until it spills :), ...

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