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The only Alberta White I know of in the heathers and heaths is Daboecia - its a heath, and requires neutral to acid soil conditions and will grow in a bog, so it prefers damp soil. Most of the Ericas also require acid soil conditions, though the damp or wet soil not so much - there are two or three varieties that aren't too fussy and will tolerate lime. In ...


One should not feed animals or plants with spoiled anything, including wine. Coffee grounds - yes. Leftover wine, yes - I do it all the time. I own a wine store and my Anthurium is spectacular year after year. It gives me about 40 flowers that bloom from fall to spring.


This info is not totally true. Although the rust is not harmful, if you are planning to use it to water vegetables, it will leave an unwanted taste. Because of the metal and rust in the bin, your plants will grow and have a more salty flavor.


I can see some blackening at the edge of a couple of leaves too though, which often indicates a water problem, or being near a heat source. First, I don't know whether the blackening on the spathe is caused by a deposit of some sort that can be rubbed off, like a mould of some sort, but either way, it seems likely your plant is either being over watered, or ...


If the branches are getting too heavy to support themselves, I suspect the plant is getting either too much water, or too much fertilizer (or both). In nature aloes are found in poor, dry soils. They have adapted to that, and when grown in 'good' conditions, they often grow too fast, and soft, even if they look healthy. I would barely water it, if at all. ...


I would say that simply installing the drip irrigation system is really where your water savings is. Honestly, the water volume that you would save with all the extra effort of setting up and maintaining outdoor electronic monitoring would be pretty negligible, even if you really knew what you were doing. I would just talk to the nursery about how much ...

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