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Those are aphids. Aphids come in many colors including gray, black, red, yellow, green, and brown. And I've seen them turn orange in the fall (after a frost I think) on a plant I had. Spray with soapy water so they come off. Or cut off the branch and burn it. Or place the branch in a capped jar of alcohol for an hour. Then put branch in garbage, do not ...


I don't think those are eggs. I think they are aphids. Put your gloves on and squish them. It will be easiest, and little is in fact lost, to just remove heavily infested tissue, such as the leaf you show; crush it as you discard it. A jet from your garden hose will usually remedy problems before they become serious if you just make a habit of 'blasting' ...


I vote for cut worms. Just takes one to damage plants. Go out at night with a flashlight. They can get fairly big. Use scissors and cut it in half. Where is this plant? The guy might just be in the potting soil curled up for the day. Dig around a bit. Leaf cutter bees are the mason bees. I've never ever seen them actually harm or cut up plants. In ...


This looks like the work of cutter bees to me. Their damage to the leaves of your peppers is often outweighed by their benefit in your garden as a pollinator. Here's some good reading on them. And here's the Wikipedia article:

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