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Replanting trees in this environment will likely result in weakened plants and simply feed the insect population. As J. Musser above mentions, establishing a base of hardy shrubbery is necessary first.


Another point of view. The beetles usually only attack trees that are compromised healthwise. They don't generally attack small trees. By the time the trees are large enough to attack, the beetles will have moved on, looking for new food sources, and the trees are going to be no more susceptible than any others. The trees should be kept healthy; the ...


Turpentine beetleI don't think that replanting plants that have got a community of insects feeding off of them would be a good idea. Granted the storm weakened them, but healthy plants are going to be feeding the beetle larvae that have found the original pines. I'd find a good indigenous tree that hasn't had any problems with insects, now or in the past. ...


They hate the smell of bleach. Put bleach on rags and hang them round the garden fence but do keep the rags damp!

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