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My Radiant Crabapple is doing the EXACT same thing and it's only about 4 or 5 years old. I only took a better look at it today as all my other crabs are fine, this one is slow to flower and leaf this even after I fertilized. I'm worried it's going to die off when we get a harsh winter as it looks like a substanstiale branch isn't going to leaf at all. ...


It could be snails or slugs. You won't see them during the day but if you can go out after dark with a flash light you may be able to find the culprit (snails, slugs, rabbits, squirrels). You can also put a night vision camera outside if you want to see what is visiting you at night. You can also look below the leaves to see if you can spot any insects ...


No, they will not. Trees get taller by the extension of growth at the branch tips. The trunk and branches will get thicker, but they do not move. If you have a tree with a branch 4 feet from the ground, say, the center line of that branch will forever be 4 feet from the ground. In time it will become thicker, but it does not move. The knot of branches ...


That looks like caterpillar damage to me. You can sometimes spot and remove the caterpillars at night, or else a spray with Bt (Safer brand "caterpillar spray") is a safe and organic way to kill them.

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