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Well, we do planter gardens. We plant tomatoes, some yellow squash, peppers. Not really into the garden thing, . Too much work and , yes, problems w the woodchucks. My problem is flowers. I have my pots up on buckets now. A baby groundhog surprised me yesterday when he whiped out one of my beautiful purple striped petunia baskets. Anything coming up wild ...


There should be no oily substances near hummer feeders. In their battles they can, and do, get oils on their flight feathers, which they can't remove. Ant moats should be used with water only to deter ants. Here is a source for this information.


These holes are probably caused by the hollyhock weevil - I'm not quite sure where you are, but they are endemic in Colorado and other areas of the States. Remove the seed pods as they form - some may overwinter in those and emerge next year to cause damage. Treatment, if you don't want to use an appropriate pesticide spray, is to shake the plant - this ...


Gag me!! Poison should never be used...let me try to change you paradigm here about moles and lawns. I used to be paid BIG BUCKS to aerate, bring in top soil, dump it in piles all over this newly aerated lawn. Moles, gophers, and other soil mammals do all of that FOR FREE. Hello? And when you see a lawn with lots of mole hills...there are ONLY ONE OR ...


Since it appears you aren't afraid of killing them, you can feed them poison peanuts, which I see are available at Amazon.de:


You might be able to use a barrier to keep leafhoppers that carry the disease off the plants. I always cover my tomato plants with shade screen to keep the birds and pests off, and to provide shade during our very hot, sunny summer days. If heavy shade is not desirable then maybe garden fabric (floating row cover) would work for you. This site has some good ...

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