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As long as the ground isn't frozen, herbaceous plants that are solidly hardy in your area can still be transplanted. Plant at the normal (proper) depth, and mulch if you can. I like to do it after the tops start dying off, but before I cut them. It kind of gives them a 'handle' and I don't have to worry about hurting them, because they're coming off soon. ...


This happens to me when the plants are growing too soft. Reasons for this can include: Too much water Too much fertilizer Not enough light These plants can become very fragile when the conditions are too 'good'. In my area, even specimens growing in full sun, in dry, poor soil (what these plants need) can fall apart in a heavy rainstorm. Wherever your ...


yep a type of yucca plant. this is how it looks trimmed. the points on the leaf tips are very skin irritating. I use a warm poultice of plantain leaves cuts down the redness and swelling. I had trimmed these as a job. I always use thick leather gloves around these plants.

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