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For many indoor tropical plants life in the office is slow death. You may feel that way yourself after a bad day! With minimal light levels and good watering practices most tropicals will live for a while. The ones that require high light will draw on their stored resources in the roots and gradually go downhill. Tropicals that tolerate low light levels for ...


You could get multiple plants and rotate which one is in your office every few weeks, bringing one home on a Friday night and then the next one in on a Monday morning. Honestly I had no idea what kind of stress these changes would put on a plant compared to staying in the office full-time, but I suspect it would work.


I have kept bamboo in my bathroom (no windows) for years and they have done very well (I do use full spectrum LED lights, which probably helps, but bamboo is reported to do well in low light/artificial light anyway). A quick search provides the following plants as being good for low light situations as well: spider plants golden pathos ferns sansevieria ...


IMO,You can keep Dracaena sanderiana (we call them Bamboo in Iran, and some people believe they bring their owners luck and some call them lucky Bamboos). They can survive in many indoor conditions, they don't need high light level or sunlight.


The classic houseplant for dark areas is Aspidistra; there are three Dracaena which will not mind a darkish environment - these are D. Draco, D.marginata and Cordyline. The Philodrendron which will cope is P. scandens. The definition of 'shade' for houseplants is well away from a window, but enough light to read a newspaper. Semi shade means near a sunless ...


Resurrection Plant,, a small low-maintenance plant, has the odd characteristic that it can stand long periods of adverse conditions without weakening. I don't know how available they are in your area, but I see them here and there around here. I know someone who keeps theirs in a box in the attic all year, and took it out, watered it, and put it on a ...

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